1. Decide what kind of team you will form. All men, all women, or co-ed? Mostly under 30, 30-40, 40-50, or over 50? More into recreation or more into competition?

2. Find a league to play in. You can use my list of adult leagues if you are in the Bay Area. Otherwise, you'll have to ask around and use the internet for your area to find a league. Contact that league and find out when they start, how to register your team, and how much it will cost. Ask their advice on how to find a practice space and how much to charge each player including the cost of uniforms and practice space.

3. Round up the players -- your friends and their friends, people you know from pickup games or other teams you've played in, the league might now of some players looking for teams, etc. Be sure to get a small photo, a copy of their birth certificate if the league says you need it, their full name, address, phone numbers, and email addresses.

4. Register the team, following the instructions from your league.

5. Call your first practice. Some other miscellaneous tips: